Sustainability Commitment

Elyse Paper is commited to the protection of the environment through the implimentation and utelization of responsible operation and management practices.

Our objective is to strive for continued improvement toward a greener world with our focus on reduction of carbon omission, the presevation of our forests, environment and the implimintation and promotion of recycling products and initiatives.

In our realisation and self assesment we have produced avenues that contribute to our sustainability commitment through the development of the following products, practices and policies.

Development of Elyse Eco Range Environmentally Friendly Tissue

The Elyse Eco Range is an environmentally friendly range of washroom paper products offering consumers the benefits of a sutainable product without comprimising on quality and value. Manufactured from 100% Recycled paper and processed with eco care to produce a supperior recycled finished product catering to eco concious consumers and exceeding market demand and expectation.

It is our intention to encourage and promote the use of the elyse eco range to all of our customers.

Development of Executive Range the New ECo Alternative

The Elyse Premier Range was developed to meet market demand for a virgin quality products. Though virgin qaulity pulp can be obtained from sustainable managed forest, we opted to exceed market demand by producing a virgin quality product that offered a sustainability value. Manufactured from sustainable and replenishable sugarcane by-product (waste) binded with a combination of bamboo/wood pulp to create a virgin fibre, it offers consumers an eco value and a solution to meet market demand.


Natural Virgin Luxury Range

The Elyse Luxury Range was developed as one of Australias supperior five star product lines. In this competative market, we are at times required to make decisions to produce a natural virgin fibre product to meet specific market demands and competition. Even though our luxury range is manufactured from Natural Wood Fibres, luxury paper was converted with the highest intergrity and awareness to our environment and sourced only from Sustainable Managed Forests.

The management of this precious resource is sustained through our commitment in our environmental policy and offset through our Carbon Neutral program


Supporting Carbon Neutral

To balance our efforts in line with our commitment to ensure minimal impact on our environment through our business activity, we have become a supporting member of Carbon Neutral where we make contributions towards re planting of trees and the regeneration of our forests.

Our commitment is to continue to support Carbon Neutral and grow with them as our business grows contributing to the planting of trees.

Through our dedication and commitment to our sustainability goals and environmental policies, we as a concerned business for our environment, have taken positive steps towards making a contribution towards a greener world. We strive for the continued improvement of our commitmnet and will work towards further research, develoment and the implimenttion of policies so as our efferts can contribute to a better earth.