Modern Slavery Policy

Paperco Pty Ltd condemns modern slavery and is committed to  ensuring that its suppliers are free from all forms of modern slavery, such as forced labour, child labour and human trafficking.

Paperco Pty Ltd and sets out information regarding:

  • Paperco’s business and operations;
  • Paperco’s policies and practices; and
  • The steps taken by Paperco to prevent modern slavery in its business and


Paperco is a leading Australian supplier of products and services within it’s industry.

Paperco Pty Ltd operates in Australia, and is wholly Australian Owned. All personnel are remunerated above Award rates and Employment Practices comply with the applicable Fair Work legislation.


Paperco  believes in the fair treatment and remuneration of employees. It complies with all applicable employment legislation and industrial awards, and no employees are paid less than the minimum wage in the relevant jurisdiction. Our organisation also invests in the safety, health and wellbeing of its staff.

Paperco Pty Ltd only seeks to do business with suppliers that have similar values, ethics and sustainable business practices, including those related to human rights. Paperco Pty Ltd expects all  organisations it deals with to have ethical workplace practices, where staff are treated fairly and equally and remunerated in accordance with the law.

Paperco Pty Ltd has certain policies in place to assist in ensuring that modern slavery is not taking place in its business or operations, as described in further detail below.

  • Social Compliance Policy: Ourlines Paperco’s commitment to core human and labour rights, fair compensation, the prevention of child and forced labour, freedom of association and other employment requirements and standards. The policy was implemented by Paperco in order to comply with the Business Social Compliance Initiative.
  • Ethics and General Code of Conduct: Describes Paperco’s principles of business conduct and basic legal and ethical obligations which bind the directors, officers and employees of our Organisation. The code provides guidelines for acceptable behaviour in ethical decision making, addressing issues such as compliance with laws and regulations and the reporting of unlawful and unethical behaviour.
  • Remuneration Policy: is in place to ensure that Paperco Pty Ltd appropriately compensates employees for the services they provide to The Organisation, determines their remuneration in a way that ensures a level of equity and consistency across our Organisation and complies with all relevant legal requirements.
  • Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policies: Paperco’s commitment to treating employees and prospective employees fairly, irrespective of their personal characteristics, such as race, age, physical or mental disability and

Paperco  is committed to continuous improvement with respect to its global supply chain. Our  Organisation considers it important to review and update its processes in order to minimise the risk of modern slavery occurring in its business and operations. As such,  Paperco’s Supply Chain manager is currently in the process of reviewing its functions to determine where improvements can be made and how they can be implemented.

Paperco Pty Ltd takes modern slavery very seriously and we are  available to discuss any concerns or queries with employees in relation to the employment policies and practices of our Organisation and the Supply Chain department is available to discuss any concerns relating to modern slavery in The Organisation’s supply chain. Any reported concerns will be addressed and action taken as required.

In particular, we work to actively address the wide-spread risks and challenges faced when partnering with manufacturers overseas. We also regularly require our suppliers to provide evidence to prove goods are “slavery-free”.

This Statement has been approved by The Organisation’s Director.