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  • Massage Oil

    A special blend to soothe and condition skin during massage.
    Product Code: 368

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  • Metho

    Methylated Spirit 95% for all your cleaning needs - windows, stainless steel surfaces, cutlery etc.
    Product Code: 435

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  • Caustic Soda Pearl

    It is a fast-acting, heavy duty cleaner for paths, driveways and drains. Pearl white solid pellets.
    Product Code: 570

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  • Eucalyptus Oil

    Natural eucalyptus oil used as a deodorant. Colourless to yellow liquid. Available in 5L and 1L.
    Product Code: 715

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  • Cloudy Ammonia

    Alkaline cleansing agent ideal for floors and walls. Strong pungent ammonia smell, cloudy liquid.
    Product Code: 751

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