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  • Deepclean Lavender

    Concentrated low foaming formula for the professional carpet cleaning industry as a pre-spray and spotter on any types of fibres. Lavender fragrance.
    Product Code: 420

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  • Deepclean Excel

    New professional low foaming carpet cleaning pre-spray & spotter with wetting agents and solubilisers. Ideal on any types of fibres include wool, nylon, polypropylene. Complies with AS/NZS 3733 for PH. Lemon fragrance.
    Product Code: 421

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  • Foam Breaker

    Silicone based defoamer specially formulated to cover extraction tank from foaming, breaks foam in seconds. Milky white liquid. Also available in 1 Litre.
    Product Code: 422

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  • Carpet Shampoo Extract

    Blend of low foaming surfactants and water miscible solvents. Can be used with extraction machines to remove heavy stains.
    Product Code: 423

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  • Car Wash & Wax

    A special blend of mild detergents and wax to give a lustre finish and water repellence. Neutral PH that protects the paint and safely washes away traffic grime, grease, dirt and salt.
    Product Code: 424

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  • Car Wash

    Powerful Formula. Contains no solvents, alkaline or ammonia. It washes away traffic grime, grease and dirt. Gentle on paint.
    Product Code: 425

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  • W-45 Engine Degreaser

    Water based multi purpose cleaner degreaser, safely and effectively removes grease and soil from engine parts, stainless steel, aluminium, rubber, paint and automotive parts.
    Product Code: 428

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  • Tyre Rejuvenator

    Concentrated silicone based. Enhances overall appearance by leaving lustre and shine in any weather. Gives a wet look.
    Product Code: 431

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  • Truck Wash

    Neutral PH. Cleans painted surfaces, chrome, metal, fiberglass, vinyl and taunt liners. Can be used manually or through pressure units.
    Product Code: 433

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  • Carpet Fresh Deodoriser Powder

    An excellent powdered deodoriser cleaner for all carpets. Lavender fragrance powder.
    Product Code: 540

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  • CP Solv

    Natural solvent based grease and gum remover. Remove grease, oil, ink, chewing gum, tar, paint, glue, lipstick from carpets and fabrics. Gentle on fibre.
    Product Code: 840

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