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  • Laundry Liquid Premium

    Concentrated with built-in softeners, optical brighteners and blend of emulsifiers. Suitable in hard and soft water. Lavender fragrance.
    Product Code: 150

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  • Laundry Liquid Classic

    Heavy duty, offering economical results, lavender fragrance.
    Product Code: 155

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  • Laundry Liquid Economy

    Standard strength, lavender fragrance.
    Product Code: 160

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  • Laundry Liquid Premium Front

    Concentrated formula specially designed for front loaders, with a fresh perfume. Suitable for all types of fabrics.
    Product Code: 161

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  • Prewash Stain Remover

    Water based, penetrates quickly breaking down heavy soil and stains. Simply spray onto stains before washing and soaking.
    Product Code: 165

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  • Grease & Stain Remover

    Solvent based rich blend of surfactants designed for cleaning toughest stains.
    Product Code: 174

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  • Wool Wash

    Heavy duty, specially formulated to protect wool and wool fibre. Eucalyptus oil fragrance.
    Product Code: 180

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  • Bleach 4%

    Medium strength, offering the advantage of being a whitener and stain remover for use on white cotton, linens and poly cotton.
    Product Code: 300

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  • Laundry Powder Premium Enzyme

    Highly concentrated, 100% enzyme boosted, in-built oxygen bleach. Excellent for removing difficult and stubborn stains in hot and cold water.
    Product Code: 520

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  • Laundry Powder Enzymo Front

    Low suds for front loading washing machines. Super concentrated, enzyme boosted with built in oxygen bleach. Available in 4.5kg and 12.5kg.
    Product Code: 522

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  • Enzymo 15Kg Box

    Concentrated, 100% active, enzyme boosted with a strong appealing fragrance.
    Product Code: 52353

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  • Laundry Powder Classic

    Heavy duty, with optical brighteners, fresh lemon fragrance.
    Product Code: 525

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  • Britewash 15Kg Box

    Heavy duty, economical, suitable for domestic and commercial use.
    Product Code: 52553

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  • Laundry Powder Economy

    Standard strength, suitable for daily household and commercial washing, fresh lemon fragrance.
    Product Code: 530

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  • Laundry Nappy Soaker

    Concentrated oxygen based destainer and sanitiser. Colour safe soaking powder.
    Product Code: 535

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  • Laundry Chlorinated Powder

    Excellent stain remover with added buffering agents to protect fabrics.
    Product Code: 541

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