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  • Bleach 6%

    Heavy duty sanitiser for floors.
    Product Code: 301

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  • Crystal Clear

    Premium quality, non ammoniated, streak free, anti fogging, dust repellent, quick dry and cleaning formula. Ideal for all glass and metal surfaces. Also available in 750ml RTU pack.
    Product Code: 314

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  • Window Cleaner

    Ammoniated, popular for all mirrors, windows, glasses, office desks and computer screens.
    Product Code: 315

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  • Spray And Wipe

    All purpose spray and wipe cleaner. Excellent degreaser for application on all types of surfaces. Refreshing lemon fragrance.
    Product Code: 320

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  • Spray And Wipe Antibacterial

    Safe and powerful formula with approved antiseptic ingredients. Ideal in kitchens and near food preparation areas, provides up to 12 hours protection against germs.
    Product Code: 325

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  • Floor Cleaner

    Ammoniated with lemon fragrance. Gentle PH to suit all types of surfaces. Excellent cleaner specially for greasy floors in kitchen areas.
    Product Code: 380

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  • Wall & Floor Cleaner Premium

    More aggressive blend of caustic surfactants & solvents. Suitable for in-plant, kitchen's floor and most areas.
    Product Code: 382

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  • Neutralex

    Neutral formula. Ideally suited for use on marble, granite, terrazzo, vinyl, ceramic vinyl and timber floors by mopping or auto-scrubbing. Lemon fragrance, green liquid.
    Product Code: 383

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  • Multitask

    A powerful concentrated formula. It can be used as a spray and wipe, degreaser and stripper to remove hardened fats, oils and food spillages.
    Product Code: 387

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  • Multi Purpose Degreaser

    Water based with rich blend of caustic, solvents and surfactants. Designed for tough areas and heavy grease build-ups in kitchen areas.
    Product Code: 390

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  • Heavy Duty Degreaser

    Concentrated, environmentally friendly, non-corrosive cleaner degreaser. Ideal for the marine industry to clean boats, engines etc.
    Product Code: 395

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  • Tornado

    Designed to restore and clean heavily soiled or stained concrete, ceramic, unglazed and vitrified floors.
    Product Code: 398

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  • Floor Stripper Classic

    All floors heavy duty stripper. Odourless. It cuts, solubilises and suspends old sealer, coating and polish, enables to rinse clear in one action.
    Product Code: 400

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  • Floor Stripper Premium

    High performance floor stripper. New technology helps to remove heavy urethane and normal sealers easily. Suitable for terrazzo, stone, slate and vinyl.
    Product Code: 401

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  • Floor Neutraliser

    Heavy duty neutraliser with organic acids. A must to apply after floor stripping and before applying sealer to correct pH level and neutralise floor.
    Product Code: 403

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  • Shinecoat Sealer

    High gloss floor sealer/polisher excellent wear characteristics and scuff resistance. Ideal for heavy traffic areas. Suitable for vinyl, cork, terrazzo, ceramic and linoleum floors.
    Product Code: 404

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  • Stainless Steel Polish

    Solvent/Oil based. Cleans, polishes and protects stainless steel surfaces from marks, fingertips and dirt.
    Product Code: 414

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  • Stainless Steel Cleaner

    Highly efficient, non-corrosive formula, spray-on and wipe off, streak free stainless steel surfaces.
    Product Code: 415

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  • Orange Wash Degreaser

    No harsh caustic ingredients. Can be used on workshop floors, outside areas, through a scrubber.
    Product Code: 427

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  • Concrete Cleanser Powder

    Powdered degreaser for the removal of grease, oil and grime from concrete surfaces.
    Product Code: 560

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